Do they know what you want?


ImageLast night I had an impromptu Soul Session with a young woman that is having a difficult time at her job.  This was not the first time that we have addressed this topic of discussion.  However, this was the first time that she was so emotionally distraught and feeling overwhelmed by her situation at work that she could not stop crying.  Through her tears, she continually suggested that she wasn’t being treated fairly by her superiors. I asked her what she wanted from them and she announced that what she really wanted was to be acknowledged for doing a good job and told that she was appreciated.

This immediately sparked a thought and prompted these questions from me to her: Do you want something from them that they don’t know how to give to you? Have you told them what you needed?  Have you considered that they don’t know how to praise you the way you need to be praised?

How should I love thee? 


How often do we find ourselves in relationships with people that simply don’t know how to love us and respect us they way that we need to be loved and respected?


Demonstrations of love, respect, praise and appreciation are as unique to individuals as fingerprints, which means that one-size does not fit all.  Effective communication requires a discussion about what you need in your relationship.  Waiting for what you need to just show up without sharing what you need is a straightforward way to emotional distress and uncertainty in a relationship.


No one will ever know what you need/want or the best way to provide it for you unless you open up and say something.

Effective Communication promotes Effective Relationships!

“98% of success is support – I’ve got your back” – DE 


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